Trade For Clicks

Just trade for clicks in general here.

Arcade module trades

Trade clicks on your arcade modules here.

Star Justice Badge

Post here to trade Space Fuel or clicks on your space fuel plant module. Or advertise your Space Probe module.

(I will not be held responsible for Ambush Modules.)

Agori Badges

Here you can trade thornaxes, or clicks on modules, to get the Agori badges.

Rank 10

Rank 10 people can trade clicks on their Alien Egg Module.

Rank 9

Here you can trade for thrusters, hypnotic frequency machines, symbiosis spots, or even just clicks.

Rank 8

Here you can continue trading totemic animals, or you can trade clicks on Crests, or advertise your mantles transmuting module.

Rank 7

Here you can trade the totemic animals (trading animals is very helpful), or just trade their totemic parts, or just elements.

Rank 6

Here you can trade for spots in other people's bands, or for clicks, or just for musical instruments.

Rank 5

Post trades for clicks on pet modules and apprentice modules, or for building supplies.

Rank 4

Here you can post trades for dinosaur scales, jewels, or clicks on Dino bone modules, or clicks on Dinosaur modules. I will not be held responsible for anyone with an ambush module.

Rank 3

Here you can post trades for solar power cells, car parts, or clicks on stunt/race track modules.

Rank 2

This is for posting trades for clicks on dam modules, on lumber mills, or other things.

Rank 1

This post is for trading things such as bees, clicks on bee battles, bee hives, or flower modules.

Rank 0

This post is for trading stuff to get to rank 1. I'm not sure how many people will use this, as you can get to rank 1 using only the supplies you start off with.

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