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Post here to trade Space Fuel or clicks on your space fuel plant module. Or advertise your Space Probe module.

(I will not be held responsible for Ambush Modules.)


Captain Vanderdecken said...

I will trade 1 space fuel cell for 5 clicks on my HOP arcade module

bartvblokl said...

I have got 11 space fuels. I will trade them for a good bid.
(hint: my dinasaur exvacation module could use some clicks)
ingame name: Piepie241

Skotch5 said...

I have 2 Lost Space Probes I do not need, make me an offer :)

Dixxie127 said...

I have a Space Probe Mission Module that I need clicks on. I will send 2 dino horns or 3 space fuel cells if you click 15 times. Please comment if you want to trade.


Anonymous said...

hey,Dixxie127, I clicked on your module, and it was ambush!

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