Arcade module trades

Trade clicks on your arcade modules here.


Captain Vanderdecken said...

With new arcade games being released soon, I want to do a few deals with people in an attempt to get on the high score lists. I'm looking for people who will trade a LOT of clicks with me on arcade modules. If we team up, and each take one kind of arcade module, we should be able to get quite a few people onto the high score list.

Think about it, if we could get a circle of, say, five people. And each time somebody clicked on somebody else's page five times, they sent an "awesome minifig" message, and that person clicked back, sending the same message, we could use almost all our clicks between the lot of us.

Anybody interested? You don't need to have a lot of clicks to spare, either. Even if you just sent out a message once a day, that'd be fine.

Captain Vanderdecken said...

I will trade 5 clicks on my HOP arcade module for 5 clicks on anybody else's. Just send me an "awesome minifig" message after you've spent the clicks, and I will use my clicks on yours, and then send you the message once I have.

commanderfox324 said...

I will trade clicks with you for arcade games but can you click my concert 1 arcade game instead of my hop?

beardeddragon2 said...

I have 200+ arcade tokens. I will click 15 or less times for each pipe or gypsum. I have a maximum of 60 clicks per day, so I can't buy more than 4 each day. If you would like to sell me pipes and gypsum for clicks on your arcade modules, just tell me how many you will give me. Again, maximum of 4.


troyergoldman said...

Vanderdecken12, I have a request to make. I'm in you waiting list and I'd like to be your friend. I'm afraid I can't do arcades, but I've been doing you Rocket Game. If any body wants to trade for clicks, check out Trade For Clicks. (it's at the top of the "home menu")

Mrs.Teavee300 said...

I will do a one for one click trade on any of your arcade games. As long as the clicks come back to me on my Delivery. I am not using hardly any of my clicks, so I could do as much as 90 a day. And as little as one. Anyone care to do this trade with me?


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