Rank 9

Here you can trade for thrusters, hypnotic frequency machines, symbiosis spots, or even just clicks.


Vanderdecken12 said...

Just send me the "click my mantles transmuting pool module" message, and I will click once, and then you can send me the message again. I will do this simple trade as long as I have a black brick.

Vanderdecken12 said...

If you send me the supplies for one cryogenic sleep unit (crystals, heroic story, and fairy dust), and give me 92 clicks on my factory module, I will send you a sleep unit, and I will do this trade as often as you need it.

Vanderdecken12 said...

I will put someone on my symbiosis module for 50 clicks a day.

Cheshirecat150 said...
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Vanderdecken12 said...

Everybody who is rank 9:

When I have nowhere to put my clicks, I will spend them on your page, if you promise to devote at least 50 clicks a day to paying me back. I will let you know here every time I give you a clump of clicks.


1legosam said...

Can I go on your symbiosis module? I can pay.

immy1 said...

i need some transparent bricks could u clk on my module and i clk back? cause all i need is 5 thought interface controls and 100 transparent bricks and 100 Grey brick.

Vanderdecken12 said...

If you want clicks, Immy, a great way of getting them is by playing freerice.com and then entering your score at freericechallenge.blogspot.com

CheshireCat150 said...

I have a symbiosis module open for 30 clicks a day.

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog and Seven- Thanks for putting the pet modules on your pages and sending me Pipe and Gypsum! I really appreciate it. How's the rank going? What are you trying to get now? The Lightworm module?

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire cat- we were not able to play for a while because we lost electricity due to a storm. We are working on the lightworm module, which will be 26 grey bricks. I think we each have about five right now, but we have not collected black and white brick harvests in a couple of days. I just sent you a couple more gypsum today. I will leave them up on my page until we have built some more rank nine modules. Do you know if the transmuting pool and the symbiosis modules are the fastest way to grey bricks?

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Sorry, I've been sick for the past couple of days. Yes, please only leave the modules up until you don't have room for them. Thanks for all the Pipe, Gypsum, nails, and elementals you've sent me. :) The only other way of getting grey bricks I can think of is randomly getting them sent from pet robot/punkling modules, which isn't very efficient. I think you should stick with what you're doing now. You will need a lot of Nebular crystals for this rank. Have you already collected very many?

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire cat- the only crystals we have so far are the ones you sent us. I didn't want to use the grey bricks to buil the module to grow them until after I built the worm module and a symbiosis module of my own. The method I am using right now is very slow and takes up a lot of room on page. I am in a circle of needing an element module get feed to use the batand panther module to get green and purple bricks to the build pikemen and bowmen to get banners to load the crest to get black and white bricks to make grey bricks...wow! what a bunch of work if I can do it with just a symbiosis module. I guess I'm in it just to play :-) Thanks for keeping us on your sybiosis module in the meantime.

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog. I can build the Pikeman blueprint if I had the items for the Wolf: 10 fur, 2 fang, and 4 claws. It's not like I don't have enough Red bricks, rather I lack the clicks to collect them (I am in a 90-90 click trade with Sim533). Anyway, if you want to send me those items then I can build Pikemen for the two of you. I have a lot of purple bricks.

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire cat- Thank you! That would be awesome! I just mailed you all the parts. We each have 22 grey bricks right now...almost enough to build the lightworm. But then we will need over 100 more before we make rank, so we will be growing the greys for a while. We are continueing to click on your page, but really that benefits us probably more than you, so we would be happy to send you some other items if we can build them or grow them. Thanks again!

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog10- It's nice to finally have the blueprint. I have about 508 more purple bricks, but I want to save 150 purple bricks for the totemic animals that I'm selling at my market. If you want, you can also send me the parts for the animals to get the bowman blueprint, but that's up to you. I have 503 green bricks, also wanting to save 150 of them. So you guys would get about 70 bowmen. It's up to you.

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire cat-We sent you a hawk, rabbit and mountain lion so you can build a shield of stregnth to trade for the bowman BP. It would be great if you could build some bowmen for us. Please send them to seven, because she is the one who uses them. I use pikemen. You sent so many!! I will send you back any I don't use after we make rank or get enough grey bricks. I also sent you five feathers because I traded for them instead of fur accidentally. You can give them to some one who needs them. We both built the lightworm module today, so we can start growing transparent bricks. I have 5 grey bricks and Seven has 6 right now. We need ten each to build the build the nebular crystal mine, and two for the autobot before we even start getting the hundred we will need to make rank. So we will keep clicking your symbiosis module. We still have a bunch of red, blue and yellow bricks if we can build you anything else to get any blueprints you might be missing to help other people. As always, thank you again for all your help.

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire cat-apparently we are going to need a heroic story. Do you have two in inventory we can trade for, or do you have a friend you can refer us to so we can click on them to get one?

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- I sent you the the two heroic stories, for free. I thought if we had extra bowmen/pikemen we could send them to JesusFreak. Have you heard from her lately? Let me know if you need any more pikemen. I just got the blueprint for the bowmen-thank you for sending the animals!- and will be sending some bowmen to Seven shortly. I can't think of anything that I need for my friends at the moment, but I will let you know if I do. Thanks!

-CheshireCat150 :)

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat- thank you for sending the heroic stories. I have not heard from Jesus freak in a while and have not seen her page change. I sent a note on here and we sent her a bunch of elements. This is the only lego related site I post on, so if you see her anywhere else, you can tell her I am still playing the game and would be happy to help her catch up. Because I didn't hear back, I stopped mailing things and clicking her page. She is still on our friends lists though, so she probably has collected some pipes and gypsum.

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Yes, I'll tell her if I see her. I thought I'd let you know that someone wants to be on my symbiosis module for a week (from Wednesday this week, until Tuesday next week). They only want to be on one symbiosis module, so I can still leave one of you on the other one. Could you let me know who I should leave on? I could always switch between the two of you. Oh, and I sent you some Nebular Crystals.

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire cat-We are still having the same issue with our transmuting pools. Seven gets a grey brick every time she clicks mine, but I do not get one every time a click hers. We have been trying to keep it even by clicking on my symbiosis module on your page more than hers. Today we built the nebular crystal mine module, but I was one grey brick short of building the miner, so we did not put up the modules yet. So if you can leave my name on one module while you have a another friend on the other, I would appreciate it. If I get too far ahaead of Seven, I will let you know and ask you to switch to her.
We sent you a few more items. We keep getting those nails. I imagine anyone trying to get gems is getting their own nails, but feel free to use them as you wish. We have no use for them.
We both took Jesus freak off our friend list today since we have not heard from her in so long. That should increase your likelyhood of getting pipes and gypsum. We click them both a few times a day.
Thank you for the crystals. Hopefully I will be growing some of my own by tomorrow!

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Whenever I'm collecting Nebular Crystals to sell at my market, or give to my friends, I click on someones nebular crystal mine module. So I might end up clicking on one of your modules.

Also, I don't know if it's worth it for you guys, but Berrykit has a symbiosis spot open for 30 clicks a day. If you think about it, you can spend 50 clicks a day on my symbiosis module to get an extra grey brick, or pay 30 clicks a day to Berrykit to get a grey brick from his. Of course I'll still leave you on my module, but it might be more efficient to click to be on his modules, than to click to get an extra grey brick from mine. Anyway, it's up to you.

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- How's the rank going? Do you need any more bowmen/pikemen? I've been clicking on your nebular crystal mine modules. Maybe we could do something like:

I click on your mine module 5 times, then send you the happy face message. When you have collected and reset your module, "easy reply" to my message (that way I know you've collected and I wont be wasting autominer bots). Sound good? I can also do the same with Seven, but please remember that I only have 10 extra clicks a day, at the most.

What are you working on getting now? Can I help in any way?

I'll be putting Seven back in one of my symbiosis modules on Wednesday morning, but let me know if you want me to put her in the one you're in before that.

Thanks again for all the pipe and gypsum!

-CheshireCat150 :)

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire cat- I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. We have a friend in Canada who did Thanksgiving last month there, so if you didn't do Thanksgiving this week, I hope you had a nice weekend. Thank you for clicking our mines. I thought you may have been because we had extra crystals. Thank you also for mailing us some. We would like to be working on our own symbiosis modules, but are a long way off. So for now we are working on Thought Interface Controls. We may get them tonight. Didn't do any daily clicks yet. I have 8 grey bricks and Seven only has one, but we will even back up when we collect from our crests again in a few days and by clicking who ever needs more once we are both back on your page midweek. Don't bother changing it until then. Its just another day or two.
I thought we were going to have leftover pikemen/bowmen from all the ones you sent us, but it turns out we needed a lot more than I thought. We are down to about 20 of each with a LONG way to go before we have all the grey bricks we will need to make rank. So if you can spare any green or purple bricks, I would love some more men. We have so far to go that I have no idea if we are anywhere near having all the crystals we need. I have about 80 and Seven has about 40, but I will mail her some. Neither one of us used all our clicks every day over the holiday, but we are back! Thanks for the help!

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Thanks, I had a good Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you did too. :)

Unfortunately, I'm currently really low on green bricks, so I won't be able to get you any Bowmen anytime soon. However, earlier today I sent you 86 pikemen. Hopefully, those will be helpful.

Yeah, it does take a lot to build the symbiosis modules. I can make Cryogenic sleep units for you and your sister (they're mailable and I have a good amount of Transparent bricks), but you'll have to supply the mailable items.

How's your supply of Transparent bricks going?

-CC150 :)

Maplefrog10 said...

CC150- We are slow going on the transparent bricks, so if you could help us build Cryogenic Sleep Units, that would be extremely helpful. Thank you for the pikemen! We switched our pages so we both have two modules growing green bricks to build bowmen now. I sent you all ingrdients except the transparent bricks for one unit. Seven sent you everything to build two because you had sent me one earlier. If we each have two, I think we can build a sybiosis module. That should eliminate our need for pikemen and bowmen and take up less room on our pages because we will not need to grow green and purple bricks anymore. If you can not spare enough transparent bricks to build three Cryogenic Sleep Units, don't worry about it. We will grow more transparent bricks eventually. Did you use more than one worm when you were trying to make rank? Neither of us has enough grey to build another one right now, but I was wondering if it would be more efficient to spend the 25 greys to grow more transparent. We just bought the Sleep Unit blueprints so we each have less than ten transparent bricks and grey bricks right now. Like I said, slow going, but we will get there eventually. Thanks for all the help!

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- It appears you and your sister only sent me enough supplies to build exactly 2 Cryogenic Sleep Units. I guess Seven forgot and only sent me the parts for 1. Anyway, I built the 2 Cryogenic Sleep Units, and sent 1 to each of you. I have plenty of transparent bricks (when you are rank 10 you can get a module called the Dreaming Beam Infuser module. It grows 10 transparent bricks a day. I was upset that I couldn't get it when I was rank 9). Anyway, there was a point when I was rank 9 that I had 4 Lightworm modules on my page. I had a lot of friends that helped me with grey bricks, so I was more in need of transparent bricks. When you both have each other in your symbiosis modules, and if your using all your clicks on them, then you'll each be getting 5 to 6 grey bricks a day, and it might be effective to get a lightworm module. Anyway, whatever way you think will be fastest. :)

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-sorry about the mix up. I thought Seven had sent you enough for two, but I was wrong. She said she sent more ingredients tonight. Thank you for putting her back on your symbiosis module and for building the sleep units for us. Do you want us to keep up the water bug and golem? Or do you have enough of the pipes and gypsum for now and would like us to switch to something else?

Thanks also for the opinion on the worm modules. We may build another one when we have more parts.

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- No problem about the sleep units! Is there anything else I can build for you and Seven?

Please only keep the pet modules on your pages as long as it is convenient to you. For now there really isn't any other module that I can think of.

Here's some advice that I learned from Vanderdecken12. I don't know if it will be helpful to you and Seven, because you might not end up clicking on each others mine modules, but here it is anyway:

You only need to click on a Nebular Crystal Mine modules 3 times for the owner to receive 5 nebular crystals.

So I guess the mine module is wrong by saying that it's 1 nebular crystal per click. :)

How are the symbiosis modules going? Is that what you're working on?

commanderfox324 said...

Anyone have any nebular crystals? If so, how much?

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-We have the flu! Just wanted to let you know we have not been playing much the last few days. I didn't even click today. We will be working on the symiosis modules and probably have everything we need to build them now, but just sleeping too much to play. Hopefully I will catch up with you in the next couple of days. Just think how big our harvests will be when we get back on! I think I have a couple diamonds and rubies left. If you do not know of anything I will need them for, you can have them. Thanks for the info on the nebular crystals. I didn't collect a harvest today, so don't waste any clicks on us. I will let you know when we are back up to speed.

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshirecat-Hooray! We were able to build the symbiosis module today! We did put each other on them. We each still gave you about 15 clicks on the ones on your page that you have us on. If you are able to keep us on, of course, we would love that. But if you have some one waiting to be on yours, I certainly understand if you need to give some one else a turn. Thanks for keeping us on there as long as you already have.

We tried out the mine (sounds like Jedi mind) trick you told us about. It worked great. Three clicks for five crystals.

We are now growing some fairy dust to build sleep units because we used ours all up. I think we will just concentrate on growing grey and transparent bricks and fairy dust. I haven't set my sights on what to build next yet. I am just getting over the flu and not ready to think too much yet :-)

In the meantime, we took down the water bug to make room for the alter ego, but left up the golem. If you prefer we each do a different one, please let us know. We only give them about 4 clicks each per day.

I hope my virus didn't come through the computer. I think I would have used a lot less tissues if it was a computer virus instead of a flu virus!

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Congrats on the symbiosis modules! I can still keep the two of you in my symbiosis modules for longer. There currently isn't anyone that wants to be on them.

Lol, mine trick. I hadn't thought of it that way. :)

You can also buy fairy dust on Wallus Wizzard's page. It's 1 Hypnotic Frequency machine for 5 Fairy Dusts.

Do you think you can put pet water bugs on your page instead of golems? I think I need pipe more. Thanks! :)

You don't have H1N1, do you? That's what I had last month. I remember being really tired. I hope you feel better now. And if you don't, I hope you do soon! :)

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-we both put the water bugs back up. Thank you for the fairy dust. I may trade Wallus Wizard for some fairy dust at some point, but right now I have only about enough orange bricks to build one hypnotic frequency machine. I will have to put a garden gate back up, but I already logged off for today.

I do not think I had H1N1 because I am already feeling much better. Thanks for the well wishes. I am glad we are all healthy again.

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the HFM's. What a nice surprise! Is there anything we can do for you in return? I still have a bunch of red, blue and yellow bricks if you have any use for me to build you anything with them. I also have 23 logs, but they are not mailable.

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- No problem about the HFMs! I have a good amount of orange bricks. I think the number of HFMs I sent you should be enough for now, but let me know if you need any more. :)

I can build more Sleep Units for the two of you. Of course you would have to supply the mailable parts.

Thanks for offering, but I have plenty of bricks. Thanks for the Ruby you sent me!:)

Did you decide what you're working on now, or are you just collecting still?

I'm glad you're feeling better! :)


Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-Rank ten appears to be a lot of waiting to grow things, so currently we are just collecting grey and transparent bricks, fairy dust and nebular crystals. We used all of our clicks today already when I did a little figuring out. We would love to mail you the parts to build some sleep units for us, but unfortunately, I will need to put a quixotic gallery back up tomorrow and click it until we have a few heroic stories. I think we are going to need ten each in total to build the command center. We have not been able to get on the game for a couple of days, so we had black and white bricks on our crest modules. We used our clicks converting them to grey and then clicked the light worms and sybiotic modules until we ran out. I didn't even think ahead to what our next plan should be until after the clicks were used up. Fortunately, there will be more tomorrow:-)

I will let you know as soon as we have the heroic stories and am able to mail you parts. Thanks for the offer.

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-Thank you for the heroic stories! I mailed some to my sister, but then I finally had a chance to think about this rank. It looks like I am going to need about 190 nebular crystals, 310 transparent bricks, 170 grey bricks and 110 fairy dust. Whew!! I am going to be rank nine for a while! I am not too far off on the NB's and fairy dust, but I think I am going to need to build another light worm and symbiosis module. So we each sent you the parts to build two sleep units to use to build the symbiosis module. If we have those, we will take down our dino bone galleries, garrison and crest modules. We will send you all of our left over pikemen, bowmen and banners.

Please let me know if we did not send any ingredients correctly (again)or if you can not do all four sleep units. If that uses up too many of your bricks just send back the parts. We both have the blueprint. Thanks a bunch!!!

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- No problem, I am happy to help. Yes, I remember rank 9 taking forever. Thankfully, I had Vanderdecken12, Sim533, and a few other people helping me out a lot.

Don't forget that you also have to get the blueprints. That requires buying, building, and clicking on the galactic and stardust modules. The good side of this is that you will be randomly getting sent nebular crystals from each other's modules. :)

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-Thank you for building the sleep units for us. You just saved us a bunch of days and clicks to get bricks! We are very lucky to have you helping us. Sorry we had to take down the water bugs to make room for the new light worm and symbiosis modules. We may be able to put them back up in a few days when we have all the fairy dust and nebular crystals we need. I have about a hundred crystals and 50 fairy dust and Seven has a little less of each.

I didn't understand the part about the galactic and stardust modules before. Since you said something I reread it and now I understand. I am using something called MLN Team Guide. I tried using the message boards a while back, but I get lost and confused with all those posts. I have been really happy with this blog because there is so little traffic. I was sad to lose track of Jesus freak, but really happy you joined up with us. You have been a really big help. :-)

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat- I like your Christmas page. We have some decorations up in our house that say the same thing. Does it help you at all if we click your sticker modules? We gave you a few clicks on them today, but I don't think they grow anything. Do you get any benefit at all from these clicks?

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Thanks for the clicks on my sticker modules. I've been on and off the top ten pages high score list for the past couple of days, so the clicks did help. However, clicking on my symbiosis module is just as helpful. :)

Thanks for keeping the pet modules on your pages for as long as you did! I ended up getting quite a few pipe and gypsum. Thank you very much.

I'm glad you like my page. I'm still keeping the two of you on my symbiosis modules. No one has asked to be on either of my symbiosis module yet.

I hope you and Seven have a wonderful Christmas. :)


Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-Thank you and Merry Christmas to you also. We are having company and have to move our computers, so you may not hear from us for a few days. I am hoping we can get on long enough to get our clicks in. We will just be growing bricks, crystals and fairy dust for the next few days because we probably won't have time to build anything. Should be able to get started building parts some time next week. With some luck, there will be some new real legos for all of us this week!

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- I hope you had a great Christmas.

I thought I'd let you know that I took one of you off my symbiosis module (I'm going to try to hatch the rocket game module and I need the space on my page). For now I took Seven off, but let me know if you'd like to switch.

Also, I heard that rank 11 is coming out sometime in 2011. I hope you two can get to rank 10 before then. :)

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat- I hope you had a nice Christmas too. We definitely did. I got some Legos from the Space Police line and one Star Wars. I also got some green army men from Toy Story that I didn't even know existed. Our company is gone, but we haven't moved the computers back yet. Things may stay busy here until after New Years.

No problem about the symbiosis module. Thank you for keeping us both on as long as you have. We each have two modules now, so we should be fine. It looks like we are going to need many more transparent bricks than grey, so we can just switch our pages around to stay even on grey while we grow transparent. I have not read ahead in the instructions, so I do not know what you are going to need to crack the egg. But if there is anything we can help with, we are about to take down the miner and the alter ego modules. I haven't done the math yet, but I think we are very close to all the crystals and fairy dust we will need. Should we put water bugs back up? or something else? Wish we could get the dreaming beam you told us about. Also, I have not checked how much space we will need for galactic and stardust modules. But we didn't build them yet, so obviously, we can't put them up yet.

I am very excited to hear there will be a rank 11. I am waiting for Lego Universe, which I thought was coming in 2009, but 2009 is almost over. I get email updates and it looks cool. In the meantime, MLN has been fun and it makes me practice patience!

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-PS. we gave you a few clicks on the alien egg

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Yes, patience is definitely something that Lego requires. However, they have users beta testing LU right now. You had to be a part of the Kid's Inner Circle (KIC) in order to receive a beta testing code. Unfortunately, I wasn't a part of it.

Thank you very much for the clicks on my Alien Egg Module. When I get the blueprint all I need to build it is 900 transparent bricks. That will take a while. I might have to take down that other symbiosis module. Although, I will try to keep it on my page as long as possible.

I meant to say that rank 11 should come out in 2010. Oops, that would be hard to wait an extra year. :)

Have you heard about the Lego pods that are landing in different locations on the earth?

If I remember correctly, the Stardust and Galactic modules take up 2 slots each, and I think there are 3 modules of each. Getting the clicks on them shouldn't be too hard, because you guys have each other clicking on them, but it might take a while.

You might want to leave the mine and ego modules, if you have extra room, on your pages just in case.

I'm glad you had a great Christmas! I did to. I got a mug with the Cheshire Cat on it. :)

Have a Happy New Year!


Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-Oh man!!! I guess I did not read all the way through again. I did not realize we were going to build three of each galactic and stardust. I thought it was one of each. This rank keeps getting longer!! Well, we will just keep clicking, but it isn't that fun if you rarely get to build anything. Maybe this weekend we will figure out what to build first. We each have about 60 grey and transparent bricks. I just haven't built anything yet because I knew we needed to get a bunch of bricks to get to the end.

In the meantime, we gave you a few more clicks on your egg. I guess you are in the same boat, working on something that will take a long time. If you need to put a worm back up and take your symbiosis down because you need to grow transparent bricks, no problem. We do appreciate all the help you have already been.

I did read about the pods. I think it was in brickmaster magazine, but it may have been an on-line newsletter. We do not have a lego store within three hours of us, so I'm sure they wouldn't plant one here. We did visit the store at Disney World in Florida last year. That was very cool. Some day I hope to visit Legoland in California.

Happy New Year!!

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-we spent a few clicks on your dreaming beam and alien egg. That dreaming beam would be nice to have. Too bad I can't make one yet :-( Do you have a preference where we give you clicks when we can?

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Thanks again for the clicks!! I already have 365 clicks (and growing!) on my Alien Egg module. So I guess the hard part will be getting the transparent bricks. I currently have 200/900 transparent bricks and would appreciate clicks on my dreaming beam module. Although please don't use the clicks on my page if you have something better to do with them. :)

Please let me know if there are any items that you're in need of..

The good thing about the Stardust and Galactic modules is that they can randomly send out nebular crystals to friends on your friends list. :)

I heard that you can get a beta testing code for LU if you visit the location that a pod was found, the same day that it was found. I'm going to try it. Pod 7 should land tomorrow.

I've been to Legoland once, but that was before they gave it an update, and I was too young to appreciate the awesome Lego creations. :) I hope you're able to visit it sometime.

Happy 2010!


Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-your pet robot sent Seven a grey brick. Every brick counts!!!

That would be SO cool to be a beta tester for LU! I think I read the pod will be somewhere on the west coast. I hope you get the code. One of my friends said there are a bunch of LU videos on You tube, but I haven't looked for any. We did find some videos on Lego TV, but haven't watched them all.The Brickmaster mag said they were through Comcast, but available through Cox, which we have. we had some trouble finding them. We even called the company and ended up finding the videos while the cable company had us on hold.

We don't mind giving you a few clicks a day when we get on. I like to keep the clicks on the worm and symbiosis in multiples of five for some reason, so when we have extra, we just put them on your page. It looks like we will be rank nine forever anyway, so what's a few clicks here and there? Plus you change your page around and it is neat to check it out. I liked what you did for the holidays.

Right now, I do not have any items we need because I didn't build anything this weekend after all. I think I didn't even get on every day. Holidays have been busy! Thanks for the offer though. I will keep it in mind when I have more time to think about what to do next. We are still just clicking for bricks at the moment.

Elliwhi said...

Hey Guys!

I need clicks on my Lightworm. I don't mind who spares them but I can do the Click Trade

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- It sounds like you're really looking forward to LU!

We visited the pod last Sunday. It was awesome to see it actually sitting there in front of us, instead of just in pictures. However, I did take quite a few pictures. :) I left my email address so they should send an activation code for beta testing LU. However, no one knows the exact date they'll send it, just that the "alpha" testers have to test before the "beta" testers. Me being in the second group, it should take a while.

I currently have 807 clicks on my Egg module. At this rate, it should be hatched by the day after tomorrow. My amount of Transparent bricks is also growing steadily- I now have 250 (Thanks for the clicks!!) :)

I'm glad you like my page. I try to get creative when I'm changing it around.

You're right about it being busy during the holidays, but it's a good kind of busy.

Thanks again for the clicks! :)


Maplefrog10 said...

Elliwhi-I can not fin your page on MLN.

Cheshire Cat-Thanks for the crystals. I think we have enough now, but I still haven't had time to figure out what to build yet. We may be snowed in this weekend, so I should have some more computertime. That is if we keep electricity! As with other mailable items, I will send you back any extra we have left after we make rank.

I put back up a garden gate module because I was down to 16 orange bricks. I don't think I will need them, but just in case. I was also able to put the water bug back up for now. Let me know if you have something else that only takes one square that you need.

We only had about four left over clicks, but put them on your dreaming beam. Do you still want them there, or back on the egg? Or did you get the blueprint today?

We both just reached 100 on grey today! Transparent is almost there. I'm still jealous of your dreaming beam module, but will get my own soon enough. We really need to start building something to feel like we are making progress. I finished building all the new real Lego sets from Christmas already. But you can always make something new!

I'm also jealous you will be a LU beta tester. But very happy for you. You can tell us how awesome it is when you get on. I'll try not to turn too green!

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- I was wrong, people that visit a pod get to be in alpha testing after all! I got the invitation the day after I left that post and have been testing LU every day. It is pretty awesome, but I can't tell you much because I had to check a box saying that I wouldn't tell anyone about it.

Thanks for putting the water bug module back on your page! I've already gotten 2 pipe from it!

Just the other day I reached 1000 clicks on my Egg Module. It's nice to have the blueprint, but I can't forget about the transparent bricks. I now have 320 bricks.

Were you able to build any parts?

Did you see the updated Lego Toy Story, Ben 10, and Atlantis sites?

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat=We are very happy for you about testing LU. We got to see a short trailer. It looks great. Tomorrow (11th)they are supposed to be releasing the full trailer, so we should get a little taste. But I am sure it won't be as cool as actually getting to play.

I read something about unscrambling a code on the pods. Did you do that? If so, was it worth the time?

We finally built a stardust module today. Now it should take us a few days to get all the clicks. Plus we still need to grow a bunch of transparent bricks and grey bricks. Are any of the stardust or galactic modules only one square? Congratulations on your blueprint. With the dreaming beam, you should be able to build in no time.

I have not had a chance to check out the sites you mentioned yet, but I did get the 3D Brickmaster mag, which was pretty cool.

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- No, all the galactic and stardust modules take up 2 slots. It's too bad that you had to take down a symbiosis module, but I will be sure to send you any nebular crystals that get sent to me from your modules.

You get to see a video about LU if you unscramble the code. I didn't actually unscramble it though, someone told me the answer. The first person to guess the code was from one of our other blogs, and he got Pod-1. I could tell you the answer if you would like. Here is the link to the site where you enter the code:


As of January 4th, there are 6 new bionicle stickers. Are you into that?

I noticed you changed your avatars and pages!! I hardly recognized your avatars. They looks awesome though! You look like you're ready to conquer the space rank!

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-Thanks for noticing our costume changes. Yes, we decided to dress for the space expidition of this rank. We were actually copying you with the page change.

I think when I have some free time, I will try to unscramble the code from the pods. I will let you know if I have touble.

This week I got to see the full trailer for LU. It was very cool. I hope you are still enjoying your Beta test. Do you get to keep playing until the full game comes out?

I have about 200 clicks on my Stardust module. Seven and I have been spending some clicks on each other's, but still spending some clicks on our worms because we will need so many transparent bricks. On the one hand, the clicking only takes a few minutes a day, but on the other hand, just clicking the same thing over and over isn't the most fun rank. I should get a blueprint in the next couple of days and build something else. In the meantime, I gave you a very few clicks, just to drop by and say "hi."

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-I have 23 logs, a giant, a treason beaver and 1 blue ribbon, and a few odd items that are not mailable. they are clogging my page 1. Is there anything I can use them to build that is mailable or is there something on some one's page I can spend them on?

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Were you able to unscramble the code?

How are the galactic/stardust modules going? I've been getting around 2 or 3 nebular crystals from each of them every day. I send them back with a few more nebular crystals, if I have extra.

I'm really not sure if I get to test LU until it comes out. LU isn't open for testing every day.

Thanks again for the clicks. I now have 494 transparent bricks.

The lumber- All I can think of right now that you can use lumber for is Beavers, which are mailable. Unfortunately, they cost red bricks.

The Giant- I think you might have to keep that forever. I can't remember if there was a way to use it up.

The Treason Beaver- You can always spend it on someone's Electric Dam Module.

The Blue Ribbon- I can't think of a way, unless you want to collect 9 more of them and build the Victory Trophy again. Which you can then spend on Radia's page for a blueprint which you already have.

Good luck. ;)

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-Thanks for the info. It figures that I had the lumber and my sister had the beaver blueprint! So I had to spend ten of the lumber to ge the BP myself. Then I built a few beavers and sent them to you. You can trade or give them to anyone they will help.

We colected the blueprints for the cruiser stealth system and built them. Good thing we each grew our own BP, because the system is not mailable.

Then we bought the BP for the Galactic factory and put it up. We also took down the waterbugs to put up our trio performance module because we are going to need a platinum album. We both put you as the third performer, so you may get some albums.It was so much more fun today to be actually building things and not just clicking!

Do you know anyone with an electric dam looking for some one to use a treason beaver on? I guess the giant and blue ribbons will just sit there.

I did not work on unscrambling the pod code yet. If it was a code that would get me a trial on LU, I might rush on it! I did mention I am jealous, right?;)

I think I have all the crystals I am going to need, so you do not need to mail any to me if you have some one else who can use them. We do have a long way to go on this rank. But if my estimate of total need is right, we are well stocked. I will mail you any we don't use when we are done with this rank.

Goog growing on your transparent bricks. We did not give you any clicks today because we bought some engines to build thrusters and wre building. But tomorrow, when we are back to mindless clicking, we should be able to spare you a few more.

Have a nice long weekend.

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat- We have gotten all the albums I think we will need. I sent you a few circut boards because we had gotten too many albums and they are not mailable, but circut boards are. I built the platinum album and synth, so I think that is all I will need. We got all the engines and the microphone also. We put up the quixotic gallery modules because we need a few more heroic stories. If our modules send you one, can you please send them to us? I think we each need about five. If we don't use all of them, I will send them to you. I also just sent you a few elements. I was holding on to them in case I need them, but now I need the space on page one of my inventory. I can always grow more if I need them in the future. Please feel free to trade or give them to anyone you like.

I am trying to get all the spare parts while I try to collect clicks on the galactic and stardust modules nd grow grey and transparent bricks.

How are you doing toward your transparent brick goal? Do you have anyone with a mine module up? I have a couple of extra minerbots to use up. They are not mailable and I have enough crystals. If you want to put your up, I will click it. I also have one black brick to spend on a transmuting pool to clear up a space on my inventory page one.

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Sorry I wasn't been able to reply sooner. I have been really busy with school this week. Anyway, thanks for sending the beavers! They will make my rank 1/2 friends happy. =)

Sounds like the rank is going well. Yes, it sometimes gets boring clicking, especially if the module happens to be one that animates slowly.

Were you able to unscramble the code? They released an other video and a couple games for people that have unscrambled it. If you want, I'll tell you the answer (I don't want to give it away if you want to solve it on your own).

Sorry, I can't think of anyone that has an electric dam module on their page, but I'll let you know if I find one.

I'm going to keep sending back the nebular crystals your modules send me. You should probably save them just in case you end up needing them in rank 9. Or if not, you could use them in rank 10. :)

Thanks for putting me in your performance module and sending me the circuit boards.

Are you running low on orange/blue bricks? I noticed you have those modules on your page. What do you need them for? Anything I can build and mail to you?

I don't know if you still have extra autominer bots, but I just put a nebular crystal mine module on my page. As for the black brick, you could always use it on my friend Legotrain587's page.

I now have 636 transparent bricks. I am only 264 away.

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-you were right. I do need more nebular crystals than I thought. Thanks for continueing to send them. I had miss calculated. Today I got the blueprint and built the navigation system. Then I built ten sleep units. Then I built the stardust gallery module. Then I realized I will need 100 crystal just to build the ten thought interface controls. I have 110 left. I estimate I need about 145 more before I am done. My math was way off. It was fun to be building things again, so I don't mind. I also seriously depleted my transparent brick supply. I am back down to 26 of them. I now estimate about 340 more needed. At the rate of only three to four per day, I am going to be a while. Oh well!

Did you reach your transparent brick goal? I saw you took down one dreaming beam.

I played the LU mini games. I am having trouble with the radio tuning one.

I am not building anything in particular with blue or orange or purple. I was just growing them because I needed a single slot module and I had a low count of those. I think I have the quixotic module up to get heroic stories. I think I used them all today building the sleep units and will need to put that module back up to get more stories to build thought interface controls. I don't need it to grow blue, I need it to get stories. I think my sister has a couple more than me, but we both still need them.

I did use my black brick on Legotrain's page. Thanks for the referal. We also used up all our autominers on your page when you had the mine up.

We will be back to mindless clicking again tomorrow now that we built a few things. Need to restock the supplies.

Happy building!

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog- Yeah, I wish rank 9 didn't have so much mindless clicking, although it's probably nice to have a buddy like your sister who can click on your modules.

A few tips for mission 2: Don't touch the radio. Just triple click the paper in the upper left corner. Also, once you've filled out the letter, click "GO" as many times as you can. The more you click it, the more minifigs you send to LU. Also, I heard that if you send over 5000 minifigs, you get to be a beta tester for LU. Although that's just a theory, and may not be true, I'd still try if I were you.

I finally got enough transparent bricks to build the rocket game module! It's been almost a year since I made it to rank 10, so it's nice to have the module now. :) I can't believe how fast I'm collecting transparent bricks now. I've gotten over 100 in 2 days! I can now build mailable items for you and your sister, if you want. =)

Happy Groundhog's day! :-)


CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog10- How's rank 9 going? Have you gotten very much closer to rank 10?

Have you been keeping up on the latest lego news? They started Beta testing for LU. There's still a chance you might be able to sign up, but remember, "There are so many LEGO fans around the world. Not everyone can join us for this test but please keep checking your e-mails as it is still possible that you will be chosen to answer the call." Here's the url to the sign up website: http://us.universe.lego.com/en-us/beta/Default.aspx

Good luck. ;)

Maplefrog10 said...

Cheshire Cat-Today I finally built the command center. I guess that means I am halfway to rank 10. I will start working on the hull now. My sister needs about two more transparent bricks to build the command center, so she should have them by tonight. We have not been logging on regularly because this rank is sort of long and discouraging. Maybe hitting the halfway point will motivate us. You were certainly right that we were going to need the crystals. Thanks for mailing them to us.

We have been keeping up with the lego news. We both signed up for a chance to be Beta testers, but neither were chosen yet. I think I read that preregistration starts next month. I am very excited it is finally coming. I just had a terrible computer virus that caused me to lose everthing back to my factory settings. I think I caught it from an online game. But Lego has put so much time into LU, that I think they must have considered everything.

I wish LU had come out during the winter months when I was spending more time inside. It just started to get nice out. Time for some fresh air, but I will always make time for Legos and my computer. I have a Star Wars set coming that is on back order including the elusive C3PO I needed. It is a birthday gift. I have had a little luck getting some items on ebay, but when you add shipping, it is better to buy a set sometimes.

Are you currently working on any MLN projects?

CheshireCat150 said...

Maplefrog10- Now how is rank 9 going? I see you each have 3 lightworm modules on your page. You must really need transparent bricks. Is there anything I can build for you?

That's awful that you got a computer virus. Did you get chosen for LU yet?

No, I'm currently not working on anything in MLN. I'm just trying to collect as many grey bricks as possible before rank 11 comes out, which we are hoping will be soon.

In the mean time, I've been playing with my LEGO Mindstorms NXT. Have you heard of it, or maybe even have an NXT? I was one of the five winners of last month's contest: http://mindstorms.lego.com/en-us/News/ReadMore/Default.aspx?id=169323

Good luck with rank 9. I hope you get to rank 10 before rank 11 comes out! :)

josiahgoldman said...

my brother(troyergoldman on mln) became one but he missed the times it came on i think its over now.

Zwiing said...

Does anyone have Nebular Crystals I can buy?


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